The Yyuran battleship was a type of organic spaceship used by the Yyuran. This starship have 7 km of length and have the most advanced system of shield, the shield of this spaceship class is so powerful are the capacity for take the power of 900 Wraith Hive ships. This type of spaceship have 56 cannons of a energy weapon with the capacity to destroy a entire Wraith Hive Ship with 2 shots. The principal weapon of the ship, is a directed energy weapon, with the capacity to destroy a entire 304 cruiser with a one shot (with shields or not), however, one shot of this weapon have the capacity to destroy a entire planet. The variant of this ship, the Yyuran superbattleship, is 4 times most biggest and powerful in comparation with a Yyuran battleship.

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