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Lantean-Wraith War

Wraith Civil War
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AD 2005 -


Ongoing conflict

  • Khan's Faction
  • Various factions of Wraith
  • Todd
  • Various Wraith Queens/Keepers
  • Khan
  • Various Wraith Queens/Keepers

Exact figure unknown; large

Exact figure unknown; large




"For the first time since the dawn of our race, there are too few of your kind to feed the waking Wraith. This has resulted in civil war. Hives are forming alliances. The strong are attacking the weak."
Michael Kenmore

The Wraith Civil War is the name given to the ongoing battle between various factions of Wraith for dominance of the Pegasus Galaxy and its vast supply of humans for feeding purposes. Sparked by the supposed destruction of Atlantis during its second major siege and the apparent removal of Earth as a possible new feeding ground, the conflict has destroyed most of the war machine used to crush the Ancients ten-thousand years ago, and, as such, there is a scramble for any relics of the old days with which to construct new ships. Until one organized group of Wraith can gain a definitive advantage over the others, it is likely the infighting will continue indefinitely.


With the human population of the Pegasus Galaxy having yet to sufficiently repopulate since the last great culling 150 years earlier, the numerous Wraith hives engaged in active conflict with one another to secure what precious few habitable worlds were available for "harvesting." In a sense, it was simply a case of supply and demand.

It is unknown as yet how the war with the Asurans has affected this conflict. The Wraith have been known to unite against common enemies, but as the Asurans have begun targeting humans and hoping to eliminate their food supply, this may exacerbate the already volatile situation. There are many powerful alliances of hives in the galaxy, most of which double-cross one another and forge new bonds as necessary. Recently, Todd's faction has emerged as one of the more-organized groups in the civil war, gaining access to Atlantean and Ancient technology.

Several months later, Todd skillfully used captured Asuran ZPMs to create one of the legendary superhives, hoping to use the edge it provided to end the civil war and unite the Wraith under his leadership. But when one of his subordinates betrayed him and forced Todd to turn to the Atlanteans for assistance to destroy the very vessel he had spent so long to construct, any hope of realizing his dream evaporated, and the war continues on.