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None, Traveler fleet (present),
Traveler homeworld (past)


Galactic (English)

Form of government

Traveller Governing Council


Tentative alliance with the
Atlantis Expedition

Out of universe information
"We're travelers. We land on planets when we need to for supplies, trade. The rest of the time we keep moving."

The Travelers are a technologically advanced race of humans in the Pegasus Galaxy who were allies of the Ancients in the great war against the Wraith ten-thousand years ago. When their homeworld was eventually overrun and defeated, the survivors fled in an armada cobbled together of their remaining military and civilian starships, and they have lived aboard it ever since, traveling, as their name suggests, across the galaxy to stay outside the reach of the Wraith.


Although once able to build new ships as needed, long term space travel has deprived them of the resources necessary to construct new vessels. Overpopulation and heavy amounts of "jury rigging" are prevalent. Despite the level of desperation faced by the Travelers, they allied with the Atlantis Expedition in order to destroy the Asurans. With the help of the Expedition, the Travelers newest ship, a Lantean Aurora-class warship, was made ready to fight. However, one of their generational ships was lost in the battle for the Asuran homeworld.

Later in 2008, the race actually decided to start a permanent settlement on a planet for the first time in generations. However, the settlement was destroyed when the Attero device caused the active stargate to explode. The explosion could be seen from orbit, and the destruction killed thousands of Travelers and destroyed two of their ships, although the captain Katana would lie to the Atlanteans that the Pegasus was among the lost vessels. The truth was exposed a few months later, however, when Larrin agreed to lend her flagship to the cause of stopping the rogue Wraith Khan from reaching Earth.


The Travelers are led by a governing council which makes all major decisions pertaining to the race as a whole such as alliances and declarations of war. Individual ship captains, however, make most decisions that apply to their craft individually, such as whether or not to enter a battle. Traveler "law" does not prohibit torture on supposedly "friendly" races.

Known Travelers[]

  • Katana Labrea
  • Larrin
  • Mila
  • Nevik
  • Silas


Traveler technology is relatively advanced, and superior to that of most other Pegasus Galaxy civilizations. Their systems is different from most FTL capable races as their technology is not based on control crystals, but on the more primitive wires-and-chips, and currently they are the only known civilication that has mastered interstellar travel before mastering crystal or other forms of more "exotic" technologies.

Travelers live onboard their generational ships, and since their armada is comprised of very old vessels are held together with a large amount of "jury rigging." Most of their scientific resources and efforts are spent maintaining their old and relatively large fleet. This means that they aren't likely to make any significant advancements in their technology, and most likely have no real R&D "department". Travelers do, however, pose some limited knowledge of Lantean technology (enough to operate Lantean ships and condut basic repairs).

They have certain advanced technology including;