Traveler generational ship
Production information



Varying designs

Technical specifications

~150 meters (average)


~120 meters (average)


~90 meters (average)

Engine unit(s)
Hyperdrive system
Power plant

Atomic power generators


Energy shields


Metal alloy

Navigation system

Computer navigational systems


Traveler-designed energy weapons

Cargo capacity

Several thousand tons

  • Battlecruiser
  • Generational ship


"Nice ship. A little bit of a fixer-upper, but I can see the potential."
John Sheppard

Traveler generational ships, the name itself a catchall used to refer to the wide variety of mid-sized cruisers and transports employed by the indicated race, are the most-common ships in the Traveler Fleet, and house the entirety of their population and infrastructure. Each one is commanded by a captain who retains nearly all authority over which actions his craft takes outside of the migrating armada itself, and they are surprisingly powerful for their size, able to take on Wraith cruisers without too much difficulty. Largely run-down and utilizing patched-together systems, these certainly aren't the prettiest ships in the Pegasus Galaxy, but they more than get the job done.


The Travelers use ships typically around half the size of those of the Daedalus-class, which they live on board in order to escape being culled by the Wraith. They are capable of hyperspace travel and are equipped with energy shields capable of resisting immediate penetration by Asuran energy weapons as well as some of the weaker cannons used by the Wraith themselves.

File:Travler engineering.jpg
As the Travelers are primarily a space-faring race, they seldom land for repairs. Because of this, these ships are held together with a large amount of "jury rigging". This leads to the occurrence of several problems, making the ship "unsafe" in the eyes of Radek Zelenka.

These ships also have moderately powerful defensive and offensive capabilities. They are fast and maneuverable with moderately powerful shields and weapons capable of putting up a good fight against the Asurans and are more than a match for Vanir ships. [citation needed]


In 2007, John Sheppard's Puddle Jumper was disabled by a generational ship while he was on his way back to Atlantis after a resupply mission of a paradise world. The Jumper was hit by the ship's weapons and was taken into the ship's hanger. After being questioned and unsuccessfully hijacking their Aurora-class battleship, he was released, leaving the ship in his puddle jumper while a fleet of generational ships entered hyperspace in front of him. [citation needed]

During the Battle of Asuras, six generational ships joined with an allied fleet of Wraith and Atlantean warships to attack the Pegasus Replicators. After proving their worth in combat there, the Atlantis Expedition would call on them again during Khan's assault on Earth.


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