Stargate Program
Stargate Program
General information
Founder (s)

United States of America

Leader (s)
  • Exploration of the Milky Way Galaxy, procurement of advanced technologies, and defense of Earth and its inhabitants (original)
    • Exploration of other galaxies such as Pegasus and participation in interstellar diplomacy on behalf of Earth (added)
Notable members

O'Neill Stargate Terminal (ISGC), Earth


Maintains various outposts on several worlds in the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies

Historical information
Formed from



AD 1994


AD 2010


AD 2013

Other information


"...whose duties will be to perform reconnaissance, determine threats, and, if possible, to make peaceful contact with the peoples of these worlds. Now, these teams will operate on a covert, top-secret basis; no one will know of their existence..."
George Hammond

The Stargate Program is the international organization that oversees the affairs of the International Stargate Command, which itself manages use of Earth's stargate, and receives one of the largest annual budgets in human history as such. Although originally established as a purely American body, the Program was expanded over time to include various other nations, and was eventually given an overseer of its own in the form of the International Oversight Advisory. Today, the Stargate Program is funded largely by the United Nations, but the United States remains a driving force in determining its mandate, goals, and activities. It has come to be heralded as the single-most efficient and effective organization of its kind in the entire galaxy, surpassing all others by the sheer number and scale of its accomplishments.


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