This article is about the breakaway faction. For the original organization, see Lucian Alliance.
Sons of Lucia
General information
Founder (s)

Zanous Garrin

Leader (s)
  • Protect the interests of black market forces through extortion, gunrunning, and drug dispersal
  • Resist the growing power of "major worlds" such as Earth and interstellar powers such as the Alliance of Great Races or Interstellar Alliance (original)
    • Take possession of advanced technologies, particularly Ancient, to either keep them from enemy hands or for own advancement. Locate a stable path to boarding and taking control of the exploratory vessel Destiny
Notable members

Unknown numbers of personnel



Historical information
Formed from

Lucian Alliance


AD 2009

Other information
"Netan, Vala... they lost their way. But we... we shall bring fire to the galaxy. And see it burn."
Zanous Garrin

The Sons of Lucia is a terrorist organization formed by breakway groups of the Lucian Alliance believing their leaders to have lost sight of their original goals.

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