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Season thirteen of Stargate SG-1


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Image Title # Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
Example "Inroads, Part 1"
(Part 2 of 3)
As the Alliance retreats from its disasterous confrontation with the Der'kal, SG-1 struggles to come to terms with what has happened. Meanwhile, the alien armada first detected by the Tok'ra is about to arrive...
Example "Inroads, Part 2"
(Part 3 of 3)
When Hebridan falls under siege by the Der'kal armada, the Alliance gathers the full force of its fleet to meet the invaders head-on in an attempt to stop the incursion before it begins.
Example "The Oracle" 1303
An offworld team encounters a world boasting an extraordinary woman claiming to have known the Der'kal were coming all her life, and brings her back to Stargate Command for investigation.
Example "Routed" 1304
A Jaffa refugee fleet is ambushed in deep space with SG-1 aboard, and the team must work alongside their allies to survive long enough to get word back to Earth.
Example "Five Stories" 1305
As part of an ISGC training exercise, a group of promising young officers are told to evaluate stories told by each member of SG-1 and determine which one among them is true
Example "Frontlines" 1306
While helping to evacuate a human world in the path of the Der'kal, SG-1 finds themselves trapped by enemy forces, cut off from any hope of rescue.
Example "Equilibrium" 1307
After the Jaffa Nation splits over a sensitive foreign policy issue, Doctors Jackson and Talbot visit Chulak in an attempt to shore up support for the Alliance and Earth itself.
Example "Behind Enemy Lines"
(Part 1 of 2)
When it is revealed that Hebridan may not be completely destroyed, Vala Mal Doran accepts a daring reconnaissance mission deep into enemy territory.
Example "Friendly Fire"
(Part 2 of 2)
With new intelligence about Der'kal fleet movements coming to light, the Pentagon decides to try and forestall its inevitable attack. Meanwhile, Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran make a stunning discovery on Hebridan.
Example "Rogues, Part 1"
(Part 1 of 2)
With the ISGC under UN control, SG-1 is helpless to intervene when the Der'kal lay siege to a prominent Jaffa stronghold.
Example "Rogues, Part 2"
(Part 2 of 2)
When SG-1 hijacks the Aurora in an effort to defend a Jaffa stronghold, Earth is split on how best to respond. Meanwhile, the Der'kal bring the full force of their fleet to bear on the Alliance.
Example "The Emissary" 1312
A Der'kal diplomat's sudden arrival in Alliance space ushers in an impromptu meeting of the galaxy's major powers in an attempt to negotiate with the alien invaders.
Example "Double Entente" 1313
After an out-of-control starship exists hyperspace over Earth, the ISGC takes the vessel into custody for examination. It isn't long, though, before they begin to regret rescuing the craft at all.
Example "A Family Affair" 1314
Samantha Carter's genius nephew goes missing amid a flurry of international kidnappings, and the SG-1 team embarks on a dangerous cross-country search to track him and the others down.
Example "Pandora" 1315
Dr. McKay contacts Earth with an amazing discovery from Atlantis that may help turn the tide in the war against the Der'kal.
Example "Cold War" 1316
When SG-1 walks into a Der'kal trap, they are taken captive aboard the aliens' newly arrived supership... and play witness to an internal revolt in their ranks.
Example "Blue Zone" 1317
The team is called to the Nox homeworld after an attack leaves thousands of Jaffa and human refugees dead. Meanwhile, Vala attempts to reconcile with Tomin after a three year separation.
Example "It Takes A Thief" 1318
When a precious alien artifact is stolen from Daniel Jackson's lab, Vala Mal Doran may be the only one capable of tracking it down.
Example "The Time Traveler" 1319
A visitor from the future warns of the impending destruction of the Alliance at the hands of the Der'kal, begging SG-1 to find a way to turn the tide of war before it is too late.
Example "Xenocide"
(Part 1 of 2)
When Area 51 makes a breakthrough virus capable of wiping out the Der'kal, Earth is plunged into chaos by divisions on the possibility of genocide, with SG-1 standing in the line of fire.

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