Ronon Dex
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Biographical information

Human (Satedan)






Melena Dex, wife (deceased)

Political information

None (present), Specialist (past)


Himself, Atlantis Expedition, Satedan survivots

Out of universe information

Jason Momoa

"You know your way around, you can take care of yourself in a fight, you hate the Wraith as much as we do... Okay, maybe more than we do. But the point is we could use a guy like you around here, and you look like you could use a place to stay."
John Sheppard

Ronon Dex is a human native of the Pegasus Galaxy planet Sateda who has since joined the Atlantis Expedition in their efforts against the Wraith. After the vampiric aliens devastated his homeworld and scattered his people, Ronon was abducted and made a runner, hunted from world to world with until he decided to become the hunter. This eventually led him into contact with Atlantis and its primary offworld team, and the experience convinced him to join their cause. Although brash and sometimes prone to savagery in combat, Ronon has round a place for himself fighting for what he believes in and for the future of everything he holds dear.

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