Robert Makepeace
Biographical information

Human (Tau'ri)






September 21, 1963


Late 2013

Political information

None (present), Colonel (formerly)


Human Resistance Movement (present), The Trust, Rogue N.I.D., Stargate Command, SG-3 (past)

Out of universe information

Steve Makaj

"You have no idea how much I wish I had a gun right now, Makepeace."
Samantha Carter

Robert Makepeace was a human soldier who commanded SG-1, Earth's primary offworld combat unit. Despite his patriotism and dedication to Stargate Command's cause, he was eventually convinced to join the Rogue N.I.D., passing on top secret information collected by the Stargate Program. Some time later, though, Jack O'Neill and SG-1 turned the tables and exposed him, stripping Makepeace of his rank and tossing him in a high security prison for his crimes. His incarceration was unexpectedly ended when the Der'kal sacked Earth, and the disgraced Colonel found a new purpose by establishing a resistance to alien rule. Although SG-1 continued to regard him as a traitor, his leadership was devastatingly effective, and he and his network of insurgents ensured that the Occupation of Earth did not go smoothly whatsoever.

When the human refugees from the Beta Site arrived to liberate the planet, they had hoped to work alongside the resistance to reestablish world governments, but Makepeace believed they would just hand Earth's sovereignty over to other aliens. He and his soldiers made a failed attempt to assassinate the leaders of the FPE, forcing the governing body to revoke his pardon and jail him once again. Months later, the last remnants of the resistance, still loyal to their leader and brimming with hatred, sprung Makepeace from his cell and launched a takeover of the newly-completed O'Neil Stargate Terminal. Though originally successful in trapping the alien dignitaries and refugee personnel, his men were finally overtaken. Making his last stand on the platform overlooking the stargate, Danielle Talbot held him at gunpoint and informed him that this time there wasn't going to be a trial or prison sentence. She shot him dead, finally bringing his fight to rule Earth through force to an end.