Ori Crusade

Replicator Wars
800px-Asgard fleet

~2000 BC - AD 2005


Asgard pyrrhic victory. Annihilation of the Replicators at the hands of the Dakara superweapon and decimation of the Goa'uld. Large portion of the Asgard civilization is destroyed, as are many worlds in both affected galaxies. Destabilization of the Milky Way to the point where the System Lords are unable to quell the rebelling Jaffa, ensuring their final downfall.





Severe; all known forces destroyed

"Overconfidence in our technologies has been our undoing. The entities learned from the very means that were employed to stop them. They have become a plague on our galaxy that is annihilating everything in its path"

The Replicator Wars were a series of conflicts spanning over four-thousand years, largely fought between the Asgard and Replicators in the Ida Galaxy. After appearing from beyond the galactic rim, the Replicator forces began decimating and assimilating the technology of the other races that inhabited the Asgard home galaxy, quietly absorbing their lesser foes to build up strength. When the Asgard themselves finally realized why many of their neighbor species had ceased communication, the Replicators had amassed an enormous force of captured vessels. The two sides ultimately came to blows, and at first, it seemed that the technological advantage of the Asgard would be more than enough to crush the weaker ships their enemy had taken over. But the Replicators were eventually able to take control of and adopt the very weapons that were being used against them, and, slowly but surely, they began to drive the Asgard back. Over the few thousand years, the conflict dragged on in much the same fashion.

By the time Earth made first contact with the Asgard, the situation was dire. The Replicators had nullified all weaponry that could be turned on them and were systematically destroying the last Asgard resistance with terrifying efficiency. Thanks to the "primative" projectile weapons employed by the Tau'ri, however, a critical weakness in Replicator physiology was finally found, and humanity became instrumental in striking back against the machines. A series of brilliant holding actions on the part of the Asgard at last saw victory within their grasp, and the Replicators were drawn to and trapped on the abandoned world of Hala. They would outwit the Asgard again, though, and escape to the Milky Way, where they overran the Goa'uld System Lords only to be destroyed once and for all by the Dakara superweapon. After thousands of years and trillions of lives, the wars were over.