The Jaffa are a near-human race native to the Milky Way Galaxy first created by the Goa'uld to serve as slaves. The name may refer to:

  • Free Jaffa, a group that comprises the vast majority of the Jaffa population, having renounced the Goa'uld as gods and formed the Free Jaffa Nation.
  • Loyalist Jaffa, a small but notable group of Jaffa that have remained loyal to the surviving System Lords in the wake of the Jaffa Rebellion.
  • Sodan, a legendary cult of Jaffa warriors who revolted against the Goa'uld thousands of years before the modern rebellion.
  • Illac Renin, a cult of Jaffa converted to Origin by the Ori, and who vowed to fight against their brothers and all others who opposed the crusade against the Milky Way.