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Interstellar Alliance
Political information
Type of government

Parliamentary Federal Republic

Founding document

Treaty of Heliopolis


Charter of the Interstellar Alliance

Head of State

High Councillor

Head of Government
  • Avidan (de jure)
  • High Councillor (de facto)

Supreme Commander

Executive branch


Legislative branch

Starways Congress

Judicial branch


  • Apex Court
    • Regional High Courts
Societal information

Heliopolis (central capital)

Official language

None official; primarily Galactic


Regional currencies

State religion

Non official, various; Ancestor worship, Ancient worship, Goa'uld worship, Origin, Earth religions, pagan faiths, etc.

Historical information
Formed from

Alliance of Great Races

Date of establishment

AD 2016/17

"Ideally, I'd like to see a forum for all our races to work out our differences peacefully, without the need to ever wage war on one another again. The Alliance we have works well enough to get us through; the Alliance I want would work well enough to ensure that there will always be a future to get through to."
Danielle Talbot

The Interstellar Alliance, abbreviated ISA, is a galactic government first proposed by human diplomat Danielle Talbot during the Der'kal Invasion. Building on the cooperation and influence of the already-established Alliance of Great Races, the new organization has vastly expanded powers and responsibilities, encompassing thousands of worlds and trillions of sentients.