The O'Neill Stargate Terminal, current home of the ISGC.

The International Stargate Command (abbreviated to ISGC) serves as Earth's base of operations for off-world surveillance and reconnaissance through the stargate, operated by the United States government. Largely supplied and outfitted by the US Air Force, and later the United Nations, the facility is well-equipped to handle a wide variety of alien and domestic threats. The outpost was original located in the lower levels of Cheyenne Mountain, but after the mountain was destroyed during the Der'kal conquest of Earth, it was rebuilt at the southernmost tip of Manhattan island, in the specially-built O'Neill Stargate Terminal.

Acting primarily as the secure ground station for all stargate-related activities, the ISGC is typically overseen by a USAF general, and is staffed by subject matter experts and military support personnel, several elite special forces teams, and well over two dozen SG teams, including the facility's flagship unit, SG-1.

The current commander of the ISGC is Danielle Talbot, a civilian diplomat appointed to the post by the United Nations in late 2009.


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History of the ISGC: 1997-2007

Destruction of Cheyenne MountainEdit

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In chronological order, the leaders of the ISGC have been:


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The ISGC employs many personnel from international military and the civilian worlds, often leading to clashes of ideologies between the two groups but providing a balanced set of views and skills for the successful operation of the Stargate Program.

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In the Stargate movie, the Stargate is located in the Creek Mountain complex. However, this is presumed to be retconned away, as there is no indication that the Stargate was ever moved between the movie and Stargate SG-1.

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