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Human Resistance Movement
Political information
Type of government


Head of Government

Robert Makepeace

Legislative branch

Council of highest-ranking soldiers

Judicial branch

Military tribunal

Societal information
Notable members

Remnants of pre-conquest international military personnel and willing civilians

Historical information
Formed from

United Nations, humans trapped on Der'kal-occupied Earth

Date of establishment

early 2011

Date of dissolution

late 2013

The Human Resistance Movement was the radical military insurgency that waged a successful guerrilla war against the Der'kal forces that occupied Earth after its conquest. Spearheaded by disgraced-Colonel Robert Makepeace, the organization was a major thorn in the side of the aliens as they tried to transform the planet into a powerhouse of industrialism for their war machine. Following the Liberation of Earth by the returning "refugees," the Resistance twice attempted to assume full power over the reestablished human government, but failed each time. When the FPE handed authority back to the United Nations, the last vestiges of the flawed group the Resistance had become were finally buried for good.