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Human-form Replicators
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Societal information



Near-complete resistance to energy weapons, extreme processing speed, physical adaptability, regeneration, bio-mechanical information transfer





Form of government

Themselves, Replicator collective




Believed to be extinct

Out of universe information
"...this is a huge leap in their evolution."
Jonas Quinn

Human-form Replicators are advanced Replicators that have evolved past their brethren's need to be composed of metallic blocks. Instead, human-form versions are made up of trillions of neutronium nanites and are, as a result, virtually indestructible. After the Asgard lured the entire Replicator race on Halla, the machines developed their humanoid successors as a way to think beyond their sole directive of self-replication and thus find a way to escape their foes' trap. Once they fled the doomed planet's surface, the human-form Replicators became the governing body of their race, replacing the collective artificial intelligence that had previously guided the robots on their genocidal mission to reproduce. Tapping into their newly-gained ingenuity and cunning, they proved capable of matching the strategy and outside-the-box thinking that had previously given humans such an advantage over them. With this higher level of thought, though, came human emotion, and jealousy, lust, and ambition quickly demonstrated that human-form Replicators were far from the perfect lifeform they claimed themselves to be.

It is believed that all Replicators in the universe were destroyed when Replicator Carter led the entirety of the machine horde within range of the Dakara superweapon, which had the ability to break them apart at the subatomic level.