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Heliopolis Castle.jpg
Astrographical information

Milky Way

Societal information
Technological period
  • Advanced (present)
  • Extremely Advanced (past)
Earth interest

Central and administrative capital of the Interstellar Alliance


Interstellar Alliance (present), Alliance of Great Races, Ra (past)



"This was a place of greatness in times gone by."
"And it will be again."
Bra'tac and Daniel Jackson

Heliopolis, originally colonized many millions of years ago by the Ancients, is the capital world of the new Interstellar Alliance, as it was for the Alliance of Great Races that came before.


Inhabitance began when the Nox suggested the establishment of a place where the powerful species could meet to discuss matters of galactic importance, and it served its critical role for countless centuries. After the collapse of the original allies, however, the planet was abandoned for thousands of years before coming under the rule of Ra and largely ignored. SG-1 would arrive to rediscover it much later, rescuing Dr. Ernest Littlefield and learning of the civilization that spanned the galaxy long before their kind had begun to walk the Earth.

A decade afterwards, Heliopolis would again gain prominence as the seat of the rechristened Alliance, and the ancient Citadel standing there would again house the greatest races of its day. When the ISA took the place of the Great Races, it was, as before, the hub of a society stretched across countless stars, worlds, and peoples.