Astrographical information

Milky Way

Societal information

Hebridanians (Human and Serrakin)

Technological period
  • Advanced
Earth interest

Hebridanian homeworld, capital of the Hebridanian Federation


Hebridanians (present), Goa'uld, Ori, Der'kal (past)


Rebuilding following Der'kal conquest and devastation

"We are a proud people, and our world is a testament to our steadfast resistance to the machinations of the Goa'uld."

Hebridan is the homeworld of the Serrakin race and a group of humans known collectively as the Hebridanians, and serves as the capital world of the Hebridanian Federation. The System Lords once claimed dominance of the entire region, but the arrival of the Serrakin, seeking a new homeworld and bringing with them technology rivaling that of the Goa'uld, was enough to drive them off. They made peace with the native humans and established a close and mutually-beneficial relationship, so close, in fact, that marriage between the two species is not at all uncommon. Thanks to the technological edge of the Serrakin and the human work ethic and ingenuity, the races quickly industrialized their world into a trading hub unlike anything else in its area of the galaxy. For many centuries, Hebridan stood as a bastion of modernity and culture on the fringe of the Milky Way, and proved a valuable ally to Earth despite its fall to the Ori in their crusade.

When the Ori were finally driven out of the galaxy, Hebridan was again a free world, and its people quickly rebuilt their capabilities to pre-conquest days. When the Nox sought out advanced species to form a new Alliance of Great Races, the Hebridanians were one of the first to be contacted, and they quickly accepted a position in the organization. Although they fought valiantly against Zanous Garrin and his forces, their homeworld's position on the very edge of galactic space made them the first target of the invading Der'kal armada. Hebridan was subjected to horrible orbital bombardment, and its inhabitants were forced into labor camps to construct new starships for the aliens. The planet would later be liberated when the Der'kal evacuated their holdings, and reconstruction is ongoing in an attempt to restore its former glory.


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