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Societal information



Bipedal mammalian sentients, largely covered in various shades of fur


Furling homeworld


Galactic and others

Form of government



None (present), original Alliance of Great Races (past)



Out of universe information
"Don't know them."
Jack O'Neill, in reference to the Furlings

The Furlings were an advanced alien race that flourished millions of years ago, during the time of the original Alliance of Great Races. They were powerful allies of the Ancients, but sowed the seeds of their own defeat when they took their research of artificial intelligences too far, creating a program that deemed organic life a scourge. The resulting AI War ravaged the Alliance and so shamed the Furlings that they embarked on a mass exodus from their home worlds, out beyond the galactic rim. Their evacuation fleets, however, were discovered and systematically destroyed by the Der'kal, alerting the aliens to the presence of the Milky Way Galaxy. As their vast armada contained the entirety of the Furling population, this marked the effective end of their civilization.


Little is known about the Furlings, save that they were a member of the old "Alliance of Four Great Races", along with the Ancients, Asgard, and Nox. However, occasional artifacts attributed to the vanished race have been identified and cataloged in recent times, opening a window into their technological prowess. Furling writing has also been discovered on Heliopolis and other major meeting places of the original Alliance, alongside the writings of the other great races.

It has also been suggested that they were a peaceful race, or at least strived to become one, much as the Nox did. It was discovered that the Furlings had set up a Utopian community of humans without weapons or advanced technology. The colony was destroyed by a Goa'uld who was able to smuggle in seeds for a plant that produced a paranoia-inducing chemical, causing the inhabitants to go insane and kill each other.

Based on the ruins left behind, the Furlings appear to be the "mysterious race" that helped seed the Madronans on their homeworld; this would suggest that the "Touchstone" was evidence of their technology.


Jack O'Neill has concluded that the Furlings must be cute and cuddly creatures, based solely on their name. Perhaps acting on this statement, Martin Lloyd portrayed the Furlings as small furry, koala-like animals similar to the Ewoks from Star Wars in his film based on Wormhole X-Treme!.

In reality, the Furlings appear as bipedal mammals who, as their name ironically suggests, are covered largely in differing shades of fur.

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