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Free People of Earth
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Political information
Type of government


Founding document

Charter of the Free People of Earth


Charter of the Free People of Earth

Head of State

Chief of State

Head of Government

Chief of State


Fleet Admiral

Executive branch

Chief of State

Legislative branch

People's Assembly

Judicial branch

Military courts

Societal information

Earth, New York City (eventually), Beta Site (original)

Notable members

All countries on Earth (eventually), roughly 10,000 Tau'ri refugees (originally)

Historical information
Formed from

United Nations, human refugees

Date of establishment

early 2013

Date of dissolution

late 2013

The Free People of Earth (FPE) was a government-in-exile organized by Danielle Talbot for the human refugees who were forced to flee their homeworld after the Fall of Earth. Although it was established to give a democratic voice to the ten-thousand civilians and servicemen trying to survive at the Beta Site, it was severely limited by Samantha Carter and the rest of the military until the Liberation of Earth, at which time it took on a much more influential role in shaping human affairs. The organization was officially dissolved when its legislative body voted to restore the United Nations and transfer all their powers and authorities back to the international union.