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First Battle of Dakara (Der'kal Invasion)


Battle of Nueva

First Battle of Earth
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Der'kal Invasion


December 2010


Der'kal Empire

  • Lor'al
    • Vur'naa

United Nations Fleet

  • 15 DSC-304s
    • Several hundred F-302s
    • Several dozen F-302bs
    • Several dozen Puddle Jumpers
  • 23 BC-303s
    • ~ 100 F-302s
    • Several dozen F-302bs
    • 23 puddle jumpers
  • MBP-305 Jupiter
    • 48 F-302s
    • Several F-302bs
    • 6 puddle jumpers
  • 6 Free Jaffa Ha'tak
    • Several hundred Death Gliders
  • 5 Al'kesh
  • 1 Pegasus-class cruiser

Der'kal Fleet

  • 20 Der'kal cruisers
    • Several hundred Der'kal fighters
    • Dozens of Der'kal bombers
    • Dozens of Der'kal gunships
  • 17 Der'kal frigates
    • Several hundred Der'kal fighters
    • ~60 Der'kal gunships
  • 19 Der'kal corvettes
    • ~20 Der'kal gunships
  • Dozens of smaller Der'kal vessels
  • 12 DSC-304s
  • 20 BC-303s
  • 6 Free Jaffa Ha'tak
  • 5 Al'kesh
  • Several hundred F-302s
  • Several hundred Death Gliders
  • Dozens of Puddle Jumpers
  • Unknown civilian and ground-based military casualties
  • 11 Der'kal cruisers
  • 8 Der'kal frigates
  • 13 Der'kal corvettes
  • Thousands of Der'kal fighters
  • Several hundred Der'kal bombers
  • Hundreds of Der'kal gunships
  • Tens of thousands of warriors during ground assault
"Never surrender hope, for in the end it may be all we have left to us..."
Vala Mal Doran

The First Battle of Earth, more-commonly known as the Fall of Earth, was one of the costliest engagements of the Der'kal Invasion, and marked the formal turning point at which the Der'kal Empire ceased outward expansion, instead deciding to consolidate its vast territories around the galaxy. It was also the first time in history since the golden age of the System Lords that Earth was conquered by an alien power, shattering the long-held notion that the planet was all but invincible. Aside from dissolving the United Nations and effectively taking the Tau'ri out of the war, the battle served to illustrate the strategic prowess of the alien tactician Lor'al, elevating her to unparalleled levels of respect amongst the Der'kal.