The Der’kal Super ship is a gigantic ship, resulted in a total of 10,000 meters wide and tall, being 7,800 meters deep. Although they were called Super Ships by species via Lactic, ships were called battle ships by Der ' kal. The nave was well advanced; their shields are designed to resist the Asgard plasma weapons and also the power of many ships of war. Their technology was well advanced, similar technology spacecraft class Aurora of Elders. A hallmark in the nave is that she was 34% Asgard technology and 66% Ancient technology. Containing a primary weapon similar to Satellite Asuran, the spacecraft could destroy even an entire nave Beehive with a single shot, not to mention that could destroy even a nave class Ha ' tak ' ko with a single shot. Not to mention that your hyperdrive system was similar to that of Asgard and cross 1,200 years light in a few seconds. Seemed invincible in the beginning, the Tau ' ri found an exploitable weakness in the nave, this weakness was that when threw nuclear missiles, the spacecraft abaixava shells at the opening of the weapons that were so powerful that could explode when impacting shells, destroying the spacecraft. The Tau ' ri took this weakness to create a weapon power to impact with the opening of the nave mísses and thus destroying it. During the beginning of Invasion Der ' kal, it was discovered that the Empire Der ' kal had built 18,000 super ships that were in use in all territories Der ' kal.

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