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Astrographical information

Milky Way

Societal information

Free Jaffa

Technological period
  • Advanced (present)
  • Extremely Advanced (past)
Earth interest

Former capital world and current administrative/military hub of the Free Jaffa Nation


Free Jaffa (present), Ori, Goa'uld, Ancients (past)



"For thousands of years, the Jaffa have viewed Dakara as the holiest of sites, the very cradle of our existence."

Dakara is a Free Jaffa planet in the Milky Way Galaxy, considered a sacred and holy place by the billions of Jaffa across the galaxy. Once controlled by Baal, it was inside the Temple here that humans were first converted into the legions of soldiers the System Lords so relied upon in their heyday. At the conclusion of the Jaffa Rebellion, when the vast majority of Goa'uld and their still-loyal followers were slaughtered by the invading Replicators, the world was rebuilt and made the capital of the new Free Jaffa Nation. The superweapon contained within the Temple was a source of constant tension between Earth and their allies' new government, and its use against innocent humans as a way to strike back against the Ori nearly brought war between the two. Despite its incredible power, however, the superweapon was unable to save the Jaffa capital when the Ori came in force, destroying the Ancient device and devastating its surface.

After the crusade had ended, Dakara was again rebuilt, this time with an eye toward much greater defensive capability. Although it had lost the distinction of Free Jaffa capital to Chulak, the planet remained a vital hub for administrative and military activity, and its strategic location allowed the Alliance of Great Races to keep the Der'kal at bay through the entirety of their invasion. Despite years of hardship and destruction, Dakara has managed to defy the odds, and it has again taken its place as one of the most-influential worlds in the galaxy.


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