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WARNING: This wikia contains many spoilers for all episodes of the Stargate universe and the continuation. Read at your own risk!

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"This is your first and only warning, your last chance for salvation. We come to you not as missionaries of any false gods, nor as liberators from them. We come to wipe your pathetic kind, like the scourge you are, from the face of the galaxy, to kill and slaughter until none remain. We are the Der'kal, and this is the beginning of your end.."
-Der'kal commander, at first contact between his people and the Alliance.

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Garrin's Campaign

"I bring you both greetings and tidings of destruction; your final judgement is at hand."
-Zanous Garrin

Garrin's Campaign (2008 - 2009) was a conflict between the newly-formed Alliance of Great Races and Zanous Garrin's faction of the Lucian Alliance. It was largely a ploy to weaken the Alliance in the final months of preparations before the Der'kal launched their invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy. (Read more)

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