Biographical information

Free Jaffa (Jaffa)






c. 1864


2010 (Dakara)

Political information

None (present), Free Jaffa Chancellor, Rebel Jaffa leader, First Prime of Apophis (past)


Free Jaffa Nation, Progressive Party, Alliance of Great Races (present), formerly Jaffa High Council, Apophis (past)

Out of universe information

Tony Amendola

"He was my mentor and father. But more than that, he was my friend."

Bra'tac was a Jaffa warrior and statesman who served as the first Chancellor of the Free Jaffa Nation after the fall of the System Lords in the rebellion he helped to ignite. Born, like many of the revolution's heroes, on the planet Chulak, he spent most of his life as the First Prime of Apophis, though he harbored personal doubts of his master's divinity from an early age. When his friend and longtime student Teal'c joined Earth in opposing the Goa'uld, Bra'tac was one of the first to join him, uniting the Jaffa of many Lords and across many worlds in a tightly knit and effective guerrilla army. He was instrumental in the war that followed and in creating the government that came of it, believing that nothing could stand in the way of his people's ascension to greatness.

After retiring from battle and turning to politics, Bra'tac led the Progressive Party of the Free Jaffa Senate, championing democracy and pushing for greater civil rights and liberties. During his term as Chancellor, he passed many reforms aimed at strengthening the internal bonds of the Nation and rebuilding from the wounds inflicted by the Ori. He was a beloved public figure and a respected leader, but in the end, he was only mortal. Midway through the disastrous Der'kal Invasion, an aging Bra'tac was killed in hand-to-hand combat with an alien warrior. Gone but not forgotten, the late Chancellor is remembered as a hero of the Jaffa and a tireless freedom fighter, an inspiration to many around the galaxy.


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