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Societal information



Near-complete resistance to energy weapons, extreme processing speed, physical adaptability, regeneration, bio-mechanical information transfer


Lantea (as nanites), Asuras (as human-form Replicators)


Ancient, Galactic

Form of government

Unknown (present), High Council (past)


None (present), Lanteans (past)


Largely extinct; splinter-group remains active

Out of universe information
"In these tiny killing machines, the Lanteans imbued an aggression that surpassed even that of their enemy. The technology allowed for organic assimilation and self-replication to increase their effectiveness... and replicate they did."

Asurans are a unique variant of human-form Replicators created by the Lanteans specifically to combat the Wraith during their century-long war. Originally developed as nanites, Asurans represent the evolutionary plateau of synthetic life, having developed over thousands of years in complete isolation. Left to their own devices, they transformed their homeworld of Asuras into a planetwide city rivaling the grandeur of anything their creators had ever built. Jealous of the attention that the Lanteans gave to humanity, the Asurans strove to prove themselves the most advanced and sophisticated race in the galaxy. Their civilization was destroyed, however, when the Atlantis Expedition reactivated their command code compelling them to engage the Wraith, sparking a devastating war that would end with the destruction of Asuras and the near-extinction of its inhabitants.

Though the vast majority of Asurans were killed during the battle over their homeworld, a small splinter faction remains somewhere in space, operating under the direction of Atlantean leader Elizabeth Weir.