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Societal information



Enlarged craniums, heightened intellect, asexual clones


Unknown (somewhere in the Pegasus Galaxy), Othala (original, destroyed), Orilla (past, destroyed)



Form of government

High Council


None (present), Alliance of Great Races, Protected Planets Treaty, Tau'ri (past)


Largely extinct; splinter-group remains in Pegasus Galaxy

Out of universe information
"Come on, you gotta love those guys!"
Jack O'Neill

The Asgard were a benevolent and highly advanced race originally from the Ida Galaxy that had visited Earth on many occasions, giving rise to the ancient Nordic mythologies. They were members of the original Alliance of Great Races along with the Nox, Furlings, and Ancients, and were considered the "youngest" of that group. Surpassed only by the latter in terms of technological advancement, the Asgard were considered one of the most-powerful species in the known galaxies prior to their extinction. When the Great Plague dissolved the old Alliance, they were the one race to stay on as guardians of the emerging peoples of the galaxy, steadfastly opposing the Goa'uld System Lords even as they waged their own war against an insidious threat in their own domain. Upon sacrificing themselves to ensure the eventual defeat of the Ori, the Asgard passed on their mantle as galactic peacekeepers to the Tau'ri, proclaiming that the future rested with this "Fifth Race."


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