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Milky Way

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Technological period
  • Advanced
Earth interest

Free Jaffa fortress world


Free Jaffa (present), Der'kal (past)


Rebuilding following devastation by orbital bombardment and the release of the Agent One virus

"It's the most-prominent stronghold for the Free Jaffa fleet out past Dakara. If Ankgor falls, there's nothing standing in the way of an invasion pushing straight into the heart of Alliance space."
Vala Mal Doran

Ankgor is one of the outlying "fortress worlds" of the Free Jaffa Nation, acting as a hub for fleet activity in its entire region and boasting a population well into the billions. Located almost directly across the galactic plane from the Nation's capital at Chulak, the planet is extremely isolated, but its strategic position on the edge of the galaxy makes it a vital chokepoint into Jaffa space. During the first year of the Der'kal Invasion, Ankgor's defenders were able to stall the alien advance for months, giving the untested Alliance of Great Races time to prepare for all-out war. In the end, the enemy was able to break through and begin landing troops, though the victory came at a terrible cost. Determined to do whatever it took to "protect" galactic life, the Trust laced the planet's atmosphere with a deadly human-made virus that rendered the surface uninhabitable. In retribution, the Der'kal reduced the once-grand cities of Ankgor to molten slag.

At the war's end, the Free Jaffa have begun to reclaim the area, but it's slow going at best. It will be decades before recolonization can begin, and those who managed to flee the besieged world before its devastation are reluctant to return. Only time will tell if Ankgor has a chance to return to its former glory, but at least it has a chance.


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