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Biographical information

Tok'ra (Goa'uld)




Asexual, female personality





Political information

High Councillor


Tok'ra, Alliance of Great Races

Out of universe information

Vanessa Angel

"She has done more for the Tok'ra than any other of our kind has in a thousand years. Because of her, we stand where we are today."

Anise was, along with her human host Freya, High Councillor of the Tok'ra for much of the period during the Ori Crusade and Der'kal Invasion. Originally a scientist and archaeologist working to unravel the mysteries of long-dead alien races, she rose to prominence when she enlisted SG-1 in one of her experiments, and later proved instrumental in purging Stargate Command of zatarc infiltrators. After the downfall of the System Lords, Anise became active in her people's political arena, eventually working her way onto the ruling council and finally being made its head. A champion of the Alliance of Great Races, she pushed for more Tok'ra integration with the organization, and assisted in the founding of Alliance Intelligence.

During a state visit to Chulak, however, Anise was abducted by the Der'kal and held prisoner for over a year. She was forcibly extracted from Freya, who was returned to the Arrakis soon after, and implanted in the alien warmaster Lor'al. The Der'kal hoped to use the Tok'ra's knowledge to foil Alliance plans and finish their conquest of the galaxy, but she proved more resilient than they anticipated. Anise was eventually able to exert some degree of influence over her new host's actions, to the point where she could force her to sabotage the enemy war effort. Her final act was to force Lor'al to commit a significant portion of the Der'kal armada to a Nox trap at Velieris, where she, her captor, and hundreds of alien ships were obliterated by an exploding star.


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