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Alliance Intelligence
General information
Leader (s)



Collect and process sensitive/valuable data, conduct missions of espionage against foreign governments, and investigate threats to the Alliance from within and without

Notable members

Several thousand operatives




Maintains outposts and agencies on many worlds across the Milky Way Galaxy

Historical information
Formed from



AD 2008

Other information

Alliance of Great Races

"Right now it's something of a closed club for the best the Tok'ra have to offer, but they definitely get the job done."
Jonas Quinn

Alliance Intelligence, often shortened to Alliance Intel or AI, is an elite intelligence agency founded by the reformed Alliance of Great Races and operated by the Interstellar Alliance. Originally made up entirely of the best and brightest Tok'ra operatives, the organization has slowly opened up to include members of all races, and has been instrumental in gathering critical information from across the galaxy. Despite the close ties many agents have to their respective races, Intelligence is very much independent of the political posturing that dominates the Alliance proper, making it a reliable and unbiased source of raw data in interstellar disputes. Estimates suggest that almost 70% of all information-trading in the galaxy goes through the Intelligence headquarters on Heliopolis at some point or another, and the department is rapidly matching the efficiency and reliability of the Tok'ra themselves.