Alliance-Confederation War
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  • 2013-2015
  • Ceasefire agreement; strategic victory for the Alliance by way of minor/moderate Confederation territorial concessions
  • Tactically inconclusive
  • Alliance High Council
    • Various other commanders
  • Aschen leaders
    • Various subcommanders

Exact figure unknown; large

Exact figure unknown; moderate


Moderate; civilian casualties far greater than those of the military

Relatively light

"You should never have crossed the Confederation."

The Alliance-Confederation War was the last military conflict waged by the Alliance of Great Races and was waged primarily against the Aschen Confederation, each faction trying to assert its dominance over the Milky Way in the aftermath of the Der'kal invasion of the galaxy. With the Allied forces depleted from years of holding out against the alien armada and those of the Aschen emerging relatively untouched, the numerically-superior Alliance has been unable to outright crush its adversary. Confederation tactics generally rely on the dispersal of bioweapons via stargate, targeting civilan populations over military targets, and their inheritance of advanced Der'kal technology has only made the situation more dire.

With neither side able to fully defeat the other in conventional warfare, a peace summit was held following the Alliance invasion of Aschen space and the breakdown of cooperation between rogue Der'kal warlords and the Confederation. Signed with only minor concessions on behalf of the aggressors, the Ransik Accords brought an official end to the war, averting the potential quagmire that would have resulted otherwise.


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